How often will the nurse or therapist come to see me?

The frequency of visits will be based on your individual need.  We will complete a thorough assessment of physical, mental, emotional and social needs. We will ask you what your goals are for home health and value your input in establishing your individualized plan of care.

How does service begin?

Your physician must order home health services.  Once the physician prescribes home health care, he/she authorizes a coordinated treatment plan, commonly called a "plan of care," and periodically reviews services and the patient's progress.

Why use home care?

Provide care for those who are discharged from the hospital not fully recovered.  May help prevent or postpone hospital or nursing home care.  Provides professionally supervised services.  Allows dignity and independence.  Family support.  Offers lower cost of care than hospital or nursing home setting.

FRequently Asked questions

What is home health care?

Home health care provides a wide range of health care services in your home for an illness or injury.  Example of services include wound care for pressure sores, surgical wounds,  or traumatic injuries, patient and caregiver education, intravenous or nutrition therapy, monitoring serious illness and unstable health status, developing a home exercise plan to prevent falls/increase strength and endurance.  The goal of home health care is to help you be as independent and self sufficient as possible, staying in your own home as long as you wish.

Does Medicare cover Home Health?

Yes, home health SN, PT, OT, ST are all covered 100% by Medicare or your Medicare Replacement Plan.

What does Home Bound mean?

Leaving your home must require a considerable and taxing effort.   If you leave your home, absences must be infrequent and for short duration.  You may leave to receive medical care, occasional outing to the store, barber shop/hair dresser, or church activities.


Everyone spent time with me and took care of me like I  was the only patient they had.  It made my wife feel good because I was being  taken care of.  I was very satisfied and would ask for Aquinas again.  I had had home health in the past and didn’t realize the other agency was just fair until Aquinas came.  Aquinas was so good and so thoughtful.

~ Herman Miller-Former patient of Aquinas Home Health